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Michelle Obama, Jill Biden Team Up With NBC’s ‘The Night Shift’ To Share Important Message About Veterans

First lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden have teamed up with the cast of NBC’s “The Night Shift” to spread the word about veterans’ health initiatives. Obama and Biden will appear on the show May 4 in an episode that’s part of an ongoing collaboration between “The Night Shift,” veterans advocacy groups Got Your 6 and Joining Forces, and the Office of the First Lady. The two also shot a PSA with cast members Eoin Macken, Jill Flint and Robert Bailey Jr. to encourage people to “change the conversation” around mental health treatment, especially for veterans and their families. …

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C2E2, panel with Eoin and more

A lovely bloke wrote up the panel at C2E2 on Friday April 24th. Here are a few of Eoin’s comments: “Asked about preparing to play a knight, Macken said, “They put you on a horse, and that’s pretty much it.” “Macken joked that being an actor allows a person “to do things you’d usually get told to fuck off [for],” with Staite adding, “And there’s that table full of free food all the time.” Macken said playing a supporting character can be “liberating” because “you can play around a little more.” “You can say, eh, I don’t really have to remember these lines,” he joked.

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The Rise Of The Bricks

The Rise Of The Bricks

The Rise of the Bricks is a no budget feature shot on Mini DV over a period of 9 months, 23 shooting days, 27 different locations with 55 speaking parts. It is a mockumentary about a talent less college band who get signed to a record label by a producer who was out to Sabotage the record company deliberately.

It stars Emmett Scanlan, Cathal Sheehan, Eoin Macken, Killian Scott, Ciaran McNamee. Written and directed by Ben Keenan.

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