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Five Irish lads on a stag in Las Vegas

Emmett is getting married. Eoin in charge of organising the stag. Five Irish lads in Las Vegas … Emmett Scanlan, Eoin Macken, Kevin J Ryan, Patrick Moynan and Rian Sheehy Kelly.

Have to say it’s a real joy seeing all these pictures popping up on social media. Here are a few I found. As for all the other adventures: what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas …

More pictures in our gallery.


Paddy’s In The Boot Screening at Burbank International Film Festival

After London, Pasadena, Hollywood, Boston, Newport Beach … and I’m sure I forgot one, Paddy’s In The Boot gets another screening at Burbank International Film Festival. The screening is sheduled on Sept 13th, Sunday Foreign Shorts Program at 11.30AM.

What a ride!


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Check out our gallery on Paddy’s In The Boot with stills and Festival posters.


Awesome review on Dreaming For You, directed by Eoin Macken

Ireland / 71 minutes / bw / Blank Canvas Dir & Scr: Eoin C. Macken Pr: Eoin C. Macken, Gerry Balfe Smyth Cine: Gerry Balfe Smyth Cast: Eoin Macken, Kettie Rompre, Tom Lambertson, James Catanzaro, Rekha Luther, Seijo Imazaki, Frank Macken, Bjorn Milz, Doug Porter, Robert Ross.

Adam Chambers (Macken), an Irish-born resident of NYC, is clearly in psychological difficulties. His cramped apartment on West 4th Street is a cesspit, he hurls abuse at his reflection in the mirror, he’s months behind with the rent and has been served with an eviction notice, he enacts suicide in his bath but his blunt knife won’t cut the skin. The one island of stability in his life is his beautiful girlfriend Kayla (Rompre); although her situation is never clearly spelled out, she apparently has a steady job at an art gallery. By contrast, Adam is supposedly an actor but has difficulty plucking up the nerve to go to casting calls, instead spending his days mostly wandering the city and neglecting to return Kayla’s phonecalls.


Read full article with more amazing screencaps.

Eoin Macken interviewed by New York Moves Magazine

“I find everything to do with film making and photography and writing to be fascinating… and I have always wanted to understand as many different aspects of the art forms.”

MM Have you found your transition from modeling to acting, writing, and directing to be an intellectually stimulating one? Did you have any sort of existential experience while in your modeling career?

EM I don’t think it’s a transition as more of a constant exploration. I find everything to do with film making and photography and writing to be fascinating, and I have always wanted to understand as many different aspects of the art forms and to be able to do it myself so I can fully appreciate it and to become better at what I do. It’s all linked to the composition of an image, through photography (modelling), to acting and cinematography to writing and imagery or perceiving the visual to express a story or mood. I made a documentary on the art of a photograph when I was modelling because I found the process at the highest level working with people like Bruce Weber, Peter Lindbergh and Mike Bunn to be enlightening. The compositions in narrative photography are influenced by film making and art and there is a constant cross over of skills.

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