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The Hunter, by Eoin C Macken

One of the many reasons I fell in love with Eoin’s work.

Also Cinema Zero wrote something wicked:

“What makes The Hunter so effective is not just it’s inherently sad story, but also how it’s told. The movement of the frame, slow and controlled, the background chatter and applause from an unseen TV and that landscape – all of it serves to bring us into the world of a man who faces the hardest decision anybody could make. If the film’s beauty is at its edges, then this only serves to show you its heart is in the middle.”

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Short Film ‘The Hunter’ was shot and directed by Eoin C Macken and Jonathan Figgis. Original score by Greg French of the band ‘The Brilliant Things’. A simple story about a man and his dog and the values of life and loyalty. – Eoin Macken

Actor mates Emmett Scanlan and Eoin Macken hit the desert

Source The Irish Mail

“Best friends actors Eoin Macken and Emmett Scanlan have teamed up to star in a new production together. The pair are currently filming a short movie, The Green Rabbit and The Ice Cream Girl, in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Trinity graduate Macken shot to stardom Stateside after he landed a role in hospital drama The Night Shift. He has just finished filming horror film The Forest alongside Tudors star Natalie Dormer.

Dublin actor Scanlan has finished a successful run in NBC drama A.D.: The Bible Continues. He is set to marry his actress girlfriend, former Hollyoaks co-star Claire Cooper, in New York on New Year’s Eve. His best friend Macken (32) will be by his side for the big day in December.

Raised in Dublin’s Clontarf, Scanlan is best known for his work in The Fall with Jamie Dornan. Yesterday he tweeted: ‘Deep in the blistering American desert, wearing nothing but boxer shorts and boots, accompanied by the wonderful wee actress Ryan Simpkins on set of #TheGreenRabbitAndTheIceCreamGirl. In any other industry I’d be locked up…’”

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Check out our gallery for more behind the scenes pictures thanks to cast and crew.


LEOPARD aka COLD, Eoin Macken’s feature film created with help from fans


“LEOPARD centres around two disconnected English brothers who are ostracised in a small village in the west of Ireland. Drawn back together by the unexpected and mysterious death of their father, they are immediately at odds until they find a girl dumped still alive in the moors. What follows is a bizarre turn of events, both beautiful and sureal, as the two brothers search for their own resolutions. At times both a love story and a tragic tale. The story is inspired by a piece in John Steinbeck’s East of Eden.” – Eoin C Macken

Before release, LEOPARD was named COLD.

Watch the trailers and find out more via the LEOPARD fansite.


Eoin Macken: “Britney Spears, marry me”

Today Vanity Fair Italy posted a little interview with Eoin Macken on the net. Google translation is cool, but there’s nothing like a true Italian girl translating it for all you Eoin fans. So I asked Gloria Pavanelli, who is next to an Eoin Macken fan a huge Aneurin Barnard fan, to help me out. I got the translation send to me the same night. She’s awesome! Give her a follow on Twitter @ABarnardITA!

Link to original article.

Eoin Macken: “Britney Spears, marry me ‘

“Sex symbol? I’m not sure to satisfy the meaning. “Don’t be angry: the new McDreamy seems to be honest during the interview. Even when he says to be single because “no woman compares to her “.

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“Do they say I’m the new Patrick Dempsey, truly?” When I ask him if he’s ready to replace the late Dr. Shepherd with his The Night Shift’s TC Callahan, he answers with laughter, pretending he never thought about it a year ago.

Eoin Macken, Irish, 32, might just be a more muscular and instinctive version of Dempsey. His Dr. Callahan, a past in the army and a post-traumatic stress disorder, works in the fictional San Antonio Medical Center and is the sex symbol of The Night Shift (graveyard shift), which is back for a second season on Infinity, the TV series and movies’ streaming service on demand.

Eoin’s curriculum (pronounced as Owen) is an interesting mix of contradictions. He started his career as a model (Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren), has a degree in Psychology, wrote a novel and filmed a documentary about fashion photographers (The Fashion of Modelling).

Aren’t you afraid to remain imprisoned in a sexy doctor’s cliché?
“TC, with his contradictions, is more than just a sexy doctor. Leader in his work, messed up in his personal life, obsessed with the need to do the right thing. “

Your mother was a nurse, have you ever asked her for advice?
“More than that, as she teaches at a school for nurses now. Staying  very close to her, I basically did a course on how to interact with patients. ” (…)

You do know you’re very funny on Twitter, don’t you?
“The greatest thing about Twitter is that I can talk to friends and, at the same time, with an Indonesian fan. At the beginning I wondered why they follow me. I do a fun job, the least I can do is give some fun to others. “

It seems like you have two obsessions: Roberto Baggio and Britney Spears.
“When I was a kid – the unforgettable memories age – Baggio was the strongest. Philosophical, deep. Cool.”

And Britney?
“Who’s not obsessed with her? No woman compares to her. “

Is Eoin Macken single?
“Yes, I’m single. But just because I’m waiting for Britney.

Siren – shooting blog by Andrew Hull

“We woke up a little bleary Sunday morning from our pre-wrap beach the night before to discover several of the actors and many of the crew members had come down with a mystery rash. After a few consultations it turned out our enchanted forest was a little more malevolent than we’d supposed. Not wanting to tempt fate we shuffled a few scenes around and minimized our risks by shooting the solo scenes with Oien in the woods, who didn’t seem too bothered by the itchy rash. So, loaded with coritizon cremes and pills, we started our second day under the canopy. It was muggy, fast, furious and quite itchy but we made our day! Happy to be out of our once beloved woods and on to the pink flowery stream location tomorrow.”



What’s the Merlin cast been up to?

Lovely article on what the cast has been doing after Merlin.

Here’s the Eoin piece:

“Eoin is starring in The Night Shift on NBC in the US, with the show recently granted for third series. He is cast as an adrenalin junkie, former Army medic named TC Callaghan who returns from Afganistan to work the night shift at a San Antonio hospital.

He too has been working in film with The Wedding Invitation due for release this year, as well as The Forest, which also stars Natalie Dormer, due in January 2016.

If that isn’t enough, he has also released a novel Kingdom of Scars.”

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