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Behind the scenes of The Night Shift thanks to Gabe Fonseca Season 1 and 2

Eoin Macken as TC Callahan in The Night Shift. Gifs uploaded by Gabe Fonseca, seasons 1 and 2.

Behind the scenes of The Night Shift with Gabe Fonseca Season 3

Eoin Macken as TC Callahan in The Night Shift. Gifs uploaded by Gabe Fonseca, season 3. 

Eoin Macken’s Twitter Q&A


“@pridemalarkey: @eoincmacken who’s the funniest between you two? @NiamhMacken #AskEoin”
“Me obviously”- @NiamhMacken #superiorsibling

“@4thelveofmisha: @eoincmacken what do you think Gwaine is up to now??? #AskEoin”
Hate to break it to you but he died in season 5

“@johnnvie: @eoincmacken what do you think there is after the death?? #AskEoin”
The funeral

“@dolloprarthur: @eoincmacken @NiamhMacken tell us embarrassing things that Eoin has ever done 😏😂”
Before acting he attempted a rap career

“@lukesykwalkers: @eoincmacken who is your fav member of one direction? #AskEoin”

“@Cashmoneyy09: @eoincmacken if you could only have one food for the rest of your life what would it be? #AskEoin”
Aged blackened tempeh

“@ravvenclaws: @eoincmacken what is your opinion about merthur? #AskEoin”
Not enough syllables

“@emilylay10: who is your favorite parks and recreation character? #AskEoin”
Ron Swanson because I feel like he’d be a good dancer

Eoin Macken ‏@eoincmacken 
My sisters taking over my delayed Q&A anything is now @NiamhMacken fault

“@Emilyy_Gunn_TW: when will you learn to wear scrub pants instead of jeans😂😂 #AskEoin”
Never. Scrub pants aren’t tight enough @jrlemon2

“@hallow_bells: Do you remember that time we bonded over parks and rec in one tweet? #AskEoin @eoincmacken”
I still dream about it

“@_McNally: @eoincmacken #AskEoin favorite scene with @JillMFlint @NBCNightShift”
Opening one this season

“@Damanon: @eoincmacken How was it to play with Natalie Dormer? How is she? #AskEoin”
Nat is great, love her

“@MB_Lovelace: @eoincmacken if you could be a book character, who would it be!? #AskEoin”
Aslan, the Lion, obviously

“@malarhalder: @eoincmacken Tell me one thing Gwaine and TC have in common… #askeoin”
Chivalry, adventure & being stubborn

“@olivrsconnr: @eoincmacken would you //really// do merlin again it someone set it up #AskEoin”

“@MB_Lovelace: @eoincmacken if u could have a conversation with Gwaine what would u two talk about ? #AskEoin”

“@shammywammy7: @eoincmacken #AskEoin Have you had any scenes with @jenniferbeals and is she as awesome as we all think?”
Next week

“@iCaaroooh: @eoincmacken what’s was the last song you listened to? #AskEoin”
Got Miles Davis on right now

“@emilylay10: @eoincmacken how excited are you for the night shift to come on tomorrow? #AskEoin”
Super Stoked, tomorrow gonna be epic

“@kezia_xox: @eoincmacken #AskEoin when are you and @vlavla going to date ?”
You missed it

“@CABRERA78s: @eoincmacken say something in italian, i need this😌 #AskEoin”
Forza Juventus

“@pendragay: @eoincmacken If I buy you hairbands will you bring Gwaine’s hair back? #AskEoin”
Depends on the colour

“@iCaaroooh: @eoincmacken do you like Star Trek? #AskEoin”
Who doesn’t

Eoin Macken ‏@eoincmacken 
This Q& A stuff is mental

“@TattooedGeek985: @eoincmacken What is your guilty pleasure?? #AskEoin”
Green and blacks

“@EoinsFanBase: @eoincmacken Do the script writers give you many surprises? Do you improvise a lot? #askeoin”
@MrGabeFonseca would kill me

“@MyNameIs_Melly: @eoincmacken FUCK”
I forgive you

“@heartsincamelot: @eoincmacken how is the new book coming along since we last spoke? #askeoin ”

“@brinnabot: @eoincmacken If Gwaine had a pet what would it have been? #AskEoin”
A confused Border Collie

“@kezia_xox: @eoincmacken #askeoin what shampoo and conditioner do you use? (Im asking for the benefit of the ladies)”
Honey & ice cream

“@dearfitz: @Eoincmacken You still have a strong Merlin fanbase, TNS fanbase is growing by the day. How does that feel? #askeoin”

“@kezia_xox: @eoincmacken #askeoin do you ever get sick of people mentioning Gwaine/Merlin ???”
Nope, I love that show & that character

“@kriskaly27: @eoincmacken you’re forgiven…we love ypu 😊”
Warms the cockles of my heart x

“@JoinTNS: @eoincmacken How do you prepare for the very emotional scenes? #askeoin”
Talk with @IamRobertBailey about dogs

“@lizzzdiamonds: @eoincmacken should I put your book on my reading list?”
You mean ‘kingdom of scars’, damn right

“@candyflossash: The current tv series that you’re watching ? #AskEoin”
Silicon Valley, & American Horror Story, I mean come on

“@mar_lovesrock: @eoincmacken What book are you currently reading? What’s your favorite book? 😛 #askEoin”
Age of Iron – J.M. Coetzee

“@countryfan97: You’re forgiven! 😉 What is your favorite guilty pleasure song to sing along to? #askeoin”
Micheal Jackson

“@ziaretha: What do you think would be an ideal role for @vlavla in The Night Shift? #AskEoin”
A patient with amnesia & tight pants

“@ced1694: @eoincmacken Who would win in a bar fight, TC or Gwaine?”
Damn, that’s tough. I’m gonna ask the audience on that

“@Adri_Brutal: would you like to have @KevinRyanII as a guest star in @NBCNightShift ? #askeoin”
I don’t know if I’ve got the patience 😊

“@cwphine: one thing that you learned from playing TC and you will take with you in the rest of your life? #AskEoin”
Color coordination

“@grimespendragon: @eoincmacken Will the long, majestic Gwaine hair make a comeback? #AskEoin”
Not for a while, I’ve run out of hairbands

“@MerlinMad65: @eoincmacken go to karaoke song? #AskEoin”
Genie in a bottle

“@lizzzdiamonds: @eoincmacken what am I doing with my life? Love from Mexico ❤️😁.”
If it’s not eating pancakes there’s a problem

“@EoinMackenNet: It’s important to you the support of your fans? What would you tell them? 🙂 #AskEoin”
I’m lucky, met some amazing ones

“@MyNameIs_Melly: Do you miss Britain?? @eoincmacken #AskEoin”
Well I’m Irish so….

“@katietoo_: @eoincmacken Who plays the best pranks on set? #AskEoin”
Probs @IamRobertBailey aka ‘taco’

“@Xefaliah_B: @eoincmacken #AskEoin Do you love your French fans ? 😊😉😉”
Mais oui

“@tinecuileog: @eoincmacken cold/leopard… Any movement? 🙂 also. When ya back in Ireland/uk”
Apparently September now. Driving me nuts

“@deminisaia: how would you like a crossover between The Night Show and Grey’s Anatomy? @likesdemi #askeoin”
It would be a 24hr hospital

“@SaraWehrheim: @eoincmacken If you didn’t play Dr. TC Callahan in #NightShift, which character would you want to play? #AskEoin”

“@abbieeeee_x: @eoincmacken what are you most looking forward to fans seeing in s3!! #askeoin”
The new fashion range of @jrlemon2

“@deminisaia: @eoincmacken FINALLY”
Tell me about it

“@MelissaBurke92: #AskEoin very important question I always ask:
If you were a sandwich,what kind would you be and why?”

“@Alana_Kemp: @eoincmacken #askeoin just curious but when is #askeoin? 😜”
It was actually yesterday

“@jillmflint: We have often considered crating him or putting him on a leash. At least he is potty trained.”

“@FurryHamster61: @eoincmacken #AskEoin I feel like this is classic Eoin, running late 😂”
I feel like, yes, you may be correct….

“@kriskaly27: @NBCNightShift @eoincmacken How it is to work with @JillMFlint ? #AskEoin”
She’s my fav, she’s wicked, & has great hair

“@EoinsFanBase: @NBCNightShift @eoincmacken Are you on Irish time again? #YouAreLate”
Irish time has no real meaning

“@cwphine: @NBCNightShift @eoincmacken favorite episode this season? #AskEoin
The last one, lot of cool stuff with @unrealfehr he kicks ass

“@deminisaia: who from Merlin cast would you like to have as a guest star on The Night Shift? @likesdemi #askeoin”
You know who.The big guy

“@deminisaia: who would you like to have as a guest star on The Night Shift? @likesdemi #askeoin”
Probs @vlavla so I could order him about

“@TNS_Fans: .@eoincmacken If you could switch playing a character for a day with anyone who would it be & why? #AskEoin #NightShift”

“@deminisaia: @eoincmacken if you were a superhero, what superpower would you have and why? @likesdemi #askeoin”
Baking. Cos I like cookies

“@MrGabeFonseca: .@eoincmacken Who is your favorite writer on #NightShift and why is it Gabe Fonseca? #AskEoin”
Cos of coco pops

“@xabbie7x: Who is your look-a-like celeb? #AskEoin @eoincmacken”

“@Angeliiiiique: @eoincmacken Can we expect more TC/Topher bromance moments this season especially after how season 2 ended? #askeoin”
damn right, every moment with #kenleung is a bromance moment

“@KlausisEPIC: @eoincmacken now answer your Twitter bio who came first cats or dogs? 😉 # AskEoin”
I’m gonna say the catdog

Sorry I'm late guys #askeoin #nightshift Twitter Q&A

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