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On set in Limerick at George RR Martin’s new show Nightflyers

Meadhbh McGrath pays a visit to the set of Netflix’s new sci-fi series, based on a George RR Martin novella, and meets the Irish cast and crew who are determined to make it a success

From the two episodes made available to critics, Nightflyers seems to be the type of sci-fi show that wants to be different from all the other sci-fi shows – something Eoin Macken, whose credits include Fair City and fantasy series Merlin, makes the case for.

“It’s not about trying to find space aliens and s***,” he insists. His character, Karl D’Branin, is the leader of the expedition, and wants to track down alien species the Volcryn to get help bringing back his dead daughter.

“That’s really what drives him, and that’s more far interesting than ‘just go find aliens’. I think one of the things that brings down a lot of sci-fi stories is when it starts becoming totally ridiculous. It needs to be grounded in some solid form of reality. This is very much about the relationships, the character details and the psychological aspects of them.”

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Nightflyers on Netflix: Thale and Karl’s true relationship EXPOSED in unexpected twist

Nightflyers comes from the mind of George R.R. Martin – the creator behind Game of Thrones. And while there are no dragons present (yet) in the psychological space thriller, its plot is sure to keep viewers guessing.

The first spanner in the works saw Karl D’Branin (played by Eoin Macken) welcoming Thale (Sam Strike) onto the ship. caught up with Eoin to discuss Karl’s story throughout the show.

On Thale and Karl’s relationship Eoin explained: “Their relationship actually progresses from one of a mutual fear to a bit more of an understanding.” However Karl is never innocent, in Eoin’s eyes, as he went on to talk about Thale’s involvement in the mission. He continued: “But Thale has been brought on by Karl almost as a tool – which I think gets lost a little bit – but that’s what he’s done.

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