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The Night Shift – Season Two Episode Guide

2.01 Recovery

The Night Shift returns for an action-packed season 2. Topher takes over the job of running the night shift and Ragosa has some news for everyone …

After a harrowing hostage incident left the night shift team badly shaken, everyone is finally back to business…everyone except TC Callahan (Eoin Macken), who has been temporarily suspended from the hospital after a PTSD breakdown on the job. After recovering from his near-fatal gunshot wound, Topher Zia (Ken Leung) has temporarily taken over as chief of the night shift while Jordan Alexander (Jill Flint) fields scrutiny over her medical mishandling of the man who shot him. TC can’t stay away from the action however and joins Jordan out in the field, and with the help of head surgeon Scott Clemmens (guest star Scott Wolf, “Perception”), they push the limits of medical technology to save a father trapped beneath an elevator. Dr. Joey Chavez (guest star Adam Rodriguez, “Reckless”) brings a new zen vibe to the ER when he steps in as chief surgeon on a freak motorcycle accident case, working to the beat of his own drum. Meanwhile, Ragosa (Freddy Rodriguez) returns to the ER with a surprising new lease on life after surviving cancer. Brendan Fehr, JR Lemon and Robert Bailey Jr. also star. Merle Dandridge (“The Newsroom”) guest stars as Gwen. Brit Morgan (“True Blood”) guest stars as Tricia.

2.02 Back at the ranch

A rancher accidentally shoots his wife – the night shift team deals with devastating injuries from a teenage ranch party gone awry When a rancher accidentally shoots his own wife, TC (Eoin Macken), Kenny (JR Lemon) and Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) try desperately to save her but it’s too late. Before TC can come to terms with the loss of his patient, he’s sent out to the scene of a crazy teenage ranch party where he performs a risky surgery in order to save the life of a young football star. Back at the hospital, Jordan (Jill Flint) and Kenny (JR Lemon) RUSH to the aid of a beauty queen who has wandered into the emergency room in severe distress but treating her symptoms only leads to further complications. Topher (Ken Leung) decides he wants to keep the top job and builds the nerve to approach Jordan about it. Brendan Fehr, Freddy Rodriguez, Jeananne Goossen also star. Adam Rodriguez and Merle Dandridge guest star.

2.03 Eyes look your last

The night shift crew is put to the test when a teenage couple and a young mom land in the emergency room after a serious car crash. Topher (Ken Leung), TC (Eoin Macken), Jordan (Jill Flint) and Scott (guest star Scott Wolf) tend to the youngsters, who were returning from their secret wedding. As the girl‘s condition worsens, TC tries in vein to calm her distraught father. Jordan and Gwen (guest star Merle Dandridge) tend to the other victim, a young pregnant woman whose fianc? is deployed in Afghanistan. The team hastily arranges a proxy wedding so that she can be married before delivering the baby through an emergency caesarian section. Meanwhile, Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) tends to a wealthy, eccentric hospital benefactor who teaches him it‘s ok to follow his heart.

2.04 Shock to the heart

A parachute accident turns out to be more than meets the eye and the night shift team searches for answers when a family coles down with mysterious symptoms. TC (Eoin Macken), Joey (guest star Adam Rodriguez), and Gwen (guest star Merle Dandridge) rescue an injured skydiver from the site of a near-fatal crash. Joey and Krista (Jeananne Goossen) counsel the skydiver’s girlfriend after they uncover serious complications in the operating room. TC, Topher (Ken Leung), and Ragosa (Freddy Rodriguez) treat an electrocuted janitor whose family gathers around him in the ER. When the patient’s wife and children suddenly come down with their own life-threatening symptoms, the night shift team works overtime to save them. Jordan (Jill Flint) and Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) attend to a college student who comes to the ER with a mild fever. As they uncover the cause of her condition, Jordan teaches Paul a difficult lesson about his limitations as a doctor. Meanwhile, Rick (Luke Macfarlane, “Killjoys”) arrives at the hospital with an injury that he hides from his boyfriend, Drew (Brendan Fehr). JR Lemon also stars.

2.05 Ghosts

The night shift goes into lock down when they receive a patient with deadly radiation poisening A patient’s exposure to radiation sends the Night Shift into chaos. Topher implements an immediate quarantine and locks down the ER. Paul cares for the quarantined patient with the help of Ragosa and Kenny. Meanwhile, TC, Drew, and Gwen race to the site of a multi-victim car cash, where they discover an injured police officer at the heart of the accident. Back at the hospital TC and Jordan work desperately to save the officer’s life using an unconventional procedure. TC gets an unwelcome surprise when his troubled sister-in-law Annie (guest star Sarah Jane Morris) shows up out of the blue. Still adrift and grieving over the death of her husband, Annie is eager to reminisce with TC about the good old days. Meanwhile, a former patient harasses Jordan, and Drew struggles with his recent breakup. Joey (guest star Adam Rodriguez) pushes Krista to take her future into her own hands.

2.06 Need to know

TC’s sister-in-law lands in the ER after an accident at his apartment and Jordan takes a risk treating a child who has fallen down al well  TC (Eoin Macken) ends up treating his own sister-in-law Annie (guest star Sarah Jane Morris, “NCIS”) after she falls down a flight of stairs. The truth behind her fall turns out to be even more complicated than TC realizes, but Jordan (Jill Flint) isn’t surprised; she knows some things about Annie’s history that TC doesn’t — until now. Jordan joins Gwen (guest star Merle Dandridge, “The Newsroom”) in the field to tend to a boy who has fallen down a well. Ragosa’s (Freddy Rodriguez) teenage daughter visits the ER with an injury and decides to stick around and watch him on the job, which forces Ragosa to come clean about the nature of his new position in the hospital. Back in the ER, Krista (Jeananne Goossen) is surprised to learn that Kenny (JR Lemon) saw her kiss Joey (guest star Adam Rodriguez). Meanwhile, Drew (Brendan Fehr) continues to fall into a deeper depression that puts his job in jeopardy and Jordan has some news that will change TC’s life forever. Ken Leung and Robert Bailey Jr. also star.

2.07 Fog of war

A thick fog wreaks havoc for the night shift. TC, Jordan and Paul treat the frightend victims of a car crash only to discover that they are illegal immigrants. A thick fog in San Antonio strands TC (Eoin Macken), Jordan (Jill Flint) and Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) far from San Antonio Memorial. Forced to use improvised methods to save the victims of a gruesome truck crash, the doctors soon discover that their patients are illegal immigrants led by a dangerous “coyote” guide, but the truth is even more complicated than they realize. Back at the ER, Topher (Ken Leung), Drew (Brendan Fehr), and Kenny (JR Lemon) treat a young brother and sister who have been injured in the fog. The sister’s complications test the resolve of “yoga doctor” Joey (guest star Adam Rodriguez) and resident Krista (Jeananne Goossen) while the brother’s symptoms bring up Topher’s repressed war memories. Freddy Rodriguez also stars. Merle Dandridge guest stars.

2.08 Best laid plans

A devastating downtown gas explosion sends casualties stremaing into the San Antonio Memorial emergency room. It’s all hands on deck when a tremendous explosion sends dozens of casualties to San Antonio Memorial Hospital. Topher leads the team while Jordan, Ragosa and Krista treat the traumatized patients and their families. TC, Drew, and Gwen race to the scene of the downtown explosion, where they accept the help of a Good Samaritan and former Army Medic, Bennett (guest star Duke Davis Roberts, “Justified”). Amidst the chaos, Paul tackles his first night in surgery rotation but gets an unwelcome surprise when his father, renowned neurosurgeon Julian Cummings (guest star James McDaniel, “The Good Wife”) unexpectedly arrives and butts heads with lead surgeon Scott (Scott Wolf).

2.09 Parenthood

A shooting sends two of drew’s friends to the ER . Topher and TC work to solve the mystery of a young patient’s continuing psychosis. Drew (Brendan Fehr) finds himself in the middle of a shooting at a friend’s Army promotion ceremony and springs into action, disarming the shooter. Later, he has to treat his best friend’s wife and finds that her bullet injury has revealed an even more severe medical condition. Topher (Ken Leung) and TC (Eoin Macken) treat a young woman whose chronic bouts of psychosis are becoming a danger to herself and her family. The ER team has to scramble to diagnose and treat the young woman before she is arrested for her mysterious, violent behavior. Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) treats a nine-year-old boy with severe cystic fibrosis and his concern for the boy’s health leads him to break a few rules regarding hospital protocol. Meanwhile, Ragosa (Freddy Rodriguez) is devastated when his financial troubles put his daughter’s Quinceañera in jeopardy. Jill Flint, Jeananne Goossen and JR Lemon also star.

2.10 Aftermath

Jordan and Krista treat a critically wounded motorcyclist on the side of a desert road. TC and paul search for the cause of a young girl’s insatiable appetite. 

Jordan (Jill Flint) and Krista (Jeananne Goossen) rescue the victim of a motorcycle crash on a deserted rural road. Miles away from an ER, they improvise emergency medical care for the injured motorcyclist and rush him to the nearest operating room — in a veterinary hospital. Back at the hospital, TC (Eoin Macken) and Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) race to diagnose the cause of a teenager’s life-threatening overeating condition while Topher (Ken Leung) treats a friend who is concealing a dangerous secret. Meanwhile, Drew (Brendan Fehr) shrinks from the media’s eye as his heroic gunman takedown goes viral, but he gets a welcome surprise when Rick (guest star Luke McFarlane) returns. Freddy Rodriguez and JR Lemon also star. Merle Dandridge guest stars.

2.11 Hold on

The team treats an injured rodeo cowboy with mysterious symptoms. Scott fiends himself the subject of scrutiny when he causes a caraccident ans treats the young victim.

TC and Drew race to the scene of a building collapse during a rodeo. The badly injured and outspoken cowboy Shane (guest star Timothy Busfield) begins to exhibit strange symptoms while his girlfriend Lindsay Mayes (guest star Melissa Gilbert) struggles to make sense of it all. Paul confronts Krista about a patient who appears to be suffering from an appendectomy that Krista had performed weeks earlier. Meanwhile, Kenny joins Gwen (guest star Merle Dandridge) for a ride-along and the two find themselves at the scene of a serious car accident in which Scott (guest star Scott Wolf) has hit a teenager. Back at the hospital, Scott insists on performing the delicate surgery but with the police circling, Jordan and Topher can only hold them off for so long.

2.12 Moving On

The Night Shift gets a special message from the White House. Jordan and Gwen are faced  with a sick child whose family situation presents complications.

TC (Eoin Macken) introduces the night shift team to his MMA group therapy leader Colonel Elwood “Smalls” Green (guest star, country music legend Trace Adkins), who surprises the group with special greeting from the White House. Jordan (Jill Flint) and Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) help a nine-year-old boy with a serious fever. When his high-strung mother begins to exhibit signs of distress as well, the team realizes there is more to the family dynamic than meets the eye. Topher (Ken Leung) is faced with a big decision about making an emergency trip overseas to help an old mentor. TC grapples with whether to accompany him on the journey. Meanwhile, Ragosa (Freddy Rodriguez), Drew (Brendan Fehr) and Krista (Jeananne Goossen) compete for the strangest cases of the night as the full moon brings out the worst in people. JR Lemon also stars. Merle Dandridge guest stars.

2.13 Sunrise, sunset

The night shift team treats victims of a multi-vehicle car crash. Paul makes a daring rescue and later regrets it. TC and Topher head to Afghanistan to help out an old friend in need.  Drew (Brendan Fehr) and Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) head to the scene of a multi-car collision. Paul takes a chance on a daring rescue and sustains injuries that could jeopardize his dreams to be a surgeon. Back at the ER, the newly-anointed Dr. Ragosa (Freddy Rodriguez) along with Jordan (Jill Flint), Scott (Scott Wolf), Krista (Jeananne Goossen) and Kenny (JR Lemon), manage thedeluge of incoming victims. They soon discover the disturbing cause of the accident. Meanwhile, TC (Eoin Macken) and Topher (Ken Leung) head into a war zone to treat an old friend who is in desperate need of sophisticated medical attention. As the danger grows more intense, both TC and Topher reflect on their decision to risk their lives.

2.14 Darkest before dawn

A deadly sniper terroizes San Antonio. TC and Topher return from Afghanistan to find Jordan in critical condition. TC (Eoin Macken) and Topher (Ken Leung) return from Afghanistan to find Jordan’s (Jill Flint) LIFE ON THE LINE and San Antonio under fire as two deadly snipers terrorize the city. TC and Scott (guest star Scott Wolf) unite to care for a comatose Jordan and her unborn baby. Drew (Brendan Fehr) and Gwen (guest star Merle Dandridge) are caught in a fire fight when a SWAT Team corners the two snipers. Meanwhile Dr. Joey Chavez (guest star Adam Rodriguez) scrubs back in for the night, and he calls into question his future with Krista (Jeananne Goossen). Ragosa (Freddy Rodriguez) helps Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) make a difficult decision about his future. Luke Macfarlane also guest stars.

Paddy’s in the boot

In Dalkey, Ireland, a murdering pedophile is doing gods work. Even if he is a your family priest. For two small time Irish stick up men burdened with the task, being Catholic can be an occupational hazard. Using an old collectible Nazi Pistol can be a discussion unto its own. Paddy’s In The Boot by Kevin Shulman and with Eoin Macken and Kevin J Ryan screens twice in America.

In Pasadena on Feb 13th and in LA on Feb 14th. Get your tickets here and/or here.

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Once Upon A Time In Dublin (3 crosses) – Trailer

UOATID2“The violent story of Jay and Jonnie Linski, two Polish-Irish brothers who try to come to terms with the brutal murder of their youngest sibling, Danny. The story follows the terrible hallucinatory visions that haunt bare-knuckle fighter Jonnie, as he battles with his own demons and a personal investigation into those responsible for the killing. As all his close relationships begin to crumble about him, he plunges head-long into a violent chain of events that will leave murder and mayhem following closely on his heels. Set in what could be any European City (and none specifically). Told through the emotional pain of the characters closest to the murdered Danny and the sometimes violent events that follow on from the actions of these same tortured few.” Written by Jonathan Figgis

Actors and crew – IMDB

Buy on, Amazon UK. Amazon Canada, …