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The making of Eoin Macken

He’s a model, film maker and photographer on a mission. Deirdre McQuillan meets the young Eoin Macken. It is September 2002, and a young UCD science student from Howth accidentally auditions for a part in Dramsoc’s production of Roddy Doyle’s The Snapper. To his surprise, he lands the role of Bertie, the sleazy Spanish chancer, but more importantly he uncovers a latent talent. From that point on, acting becomes Eoin Macken’s passion, and his life takes a very different and unexpected focus.”

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Eoin Macken by Lorna Fitzsimons
Eoin Macken by Lorna Fitzsimons

Eimear Ennis Graham Showreel

Eimear worked with Eoin on several occasions; Stalker, Paddy’s in the boot, Charlie Casanova, The Inside, … COLD/LEOPARD even got her nominated for the Bingham Ray New Talent Award at the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh! Her showreel shows off her work from the past year, starting with COLD/LEOPARD.

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Stalker by Mark O’Connor

Stalker, the film Eoin Macken DoP’d is now available on Amazon.

It placed Best Runner Up Irish Feature Film at the Galway Film Fleadh 2012!


Oliver Nolan, a volatile homeless man, wanders the streets of Dublin City during the Christmas period. After an unusual encounter with an evangelist, Oliver believes he is sent on a mission from God to clean up society. When he saves a disaffected young boy named Tommy from some local bullies an unlikely friendship is formed.

Oliver soon learns that Tommy’s mother is an addict and his uncle Rudyard is a local drug dealer, and takes it upon himself to get even with Rudyard and his gang of petty criminals for taking advantage of his only friend, Tommy.

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