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The making of Eoin Macken

He’s a model, film maker and photographer on a mission. Deirdre McQuillan meets the young Eoin Macken. It is September 2002, and a young UCD science student from Howth accidentally auditions for a part in Dramsoc’s production of Roddy Doyle’s The Snapper. To his surprise, he lands the role of Bertie, the sleazy Spanish chancer, but more importantly he uncovers a latent talent. From that point on, acting becomes Eoin Macken’s passion, and his life takes a very different and unexpected focus.”

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Eoin Macken by Lorna Fitzsimons
Eoin Macken by Lorna Fitzsimons

Fair City Sings

Taking part are:

Pat Nolan (Barry O’Hanlon)
Sorcha Furlong (Orla Kirwan)
Dave Duffy (Leo Dowling)
Tom Hopkins (Christy Phelan)
Jenny Kavanagh (Cleo Collins)
Eoin Macken (Gavin Cluxton)
Rebecca Smyth (Annette Daly)
Rachel Sarah Murphy (Jo Fahey)

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Eoin Macken appears in short ‘All The Little Things’

Showbiz Ireland: “Set in Miami in the not-to-distant-future, ‘All The Little Things’ is a ten minute short which will open the Irish Film Institute’s horror season this coming Halloween, and it’s sure to scare the bejaysus out of any of you sleazy nightclub crawlers out to hit on anything in a dress and a pair of stilettos. Hell, it scared the crappola outta us! For the plot of the movie turns-the-tables on men, when a coven of leggy stunners actually take the bait when hit with their cheesy chat-up-lines. Instead of taking them home for a sexual liaison, the guys become an after club snack for these cruel sirens.”

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Showbiz Ireland: “Coming from the twisted mind of Director Jason Figgis, All the Little Things contrasts opulent locations and gorgeously turned out sophisti-cats against their primordial urge to dismember and consume their masculine counterparts. The deadly Black Widow Spider could take notes from these gals!”. “When we caught up with Sonya and the movie’s leading lady Maria Manton, they were calmly discussing whether bludgeoning with a hammer, removing nipples with pliers or the sound of a hacksaw blade eating through human bone would create the ultimate cinematic affect – their cling-wrapped victims Eoin Macken and Steve Gunn looked on uncomfortable.”

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