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Siren – shooting blog by Andrew Hull

“We woke up a little bleary Sunday morning from our pre-wrap beach the night before to discover several of the actors and many of the crew members had come down with a mystery rash. After a few consultations it turned out our enchanted forest was a little more malevolent than we’d supposed. Not wanting to tempt fate we shuffled a few scenes around and minimized our risks by shooting the solo scenes with Oien in the woods, who didn’t seem too bothered by the itchy rash. So, loaded with coritizon cremes and pills, we started our second day under the canopy. It was muggy, fast, furious and quite itchy but we made our day! Happy to be out of our once beloved woods and on to the pink flowery stream location tomorrow.”



Male Models Make Movies Baby…

Male models Eoin Macken and Carl Shaaban took a wee break from looking mystic & windswept, pointing at things in the near distance, and drinking orange mocha frappachinos to make a documentary film about the Irish modelling industry. Called ‘The Fashion of Modelling’ their movie makes the bold suggestion that the majority of our precious photocall princesses aint real models at all, but merely promo girls! Noooo. Say it aint true?? Sorry folks. You won’t find male models Eoin Macken and Carl Shaaban standing on Grafton Street in the freezing cold clad only in their jocks, smiling inanely as a ropey snapper makes them dance like monkeys in the hope that whatever product they are peddling makes it onto page 27 of the Evening Herald. No way. These guys are proper models. Thoroughbreds. …

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Watch the hour long documentary directed by Eoin C Macken and produced by Carl Shaaban  

Eoin Macken 4

Eoin Macken and Carl Shaaban

They are male models and filmmakers. Eoin and Carl don’t conform to the beefcake stereotypes of life as a male model. Both have hugely successful careers as clothes horses, but they’ve also just launched a documentary film examining the fashion industry in Ireland. In terms of modelling credits, both Eoin and Carl have featured on the pages of GQ. Eoin has just shot a big advertising campaign for Braun and has modelled for Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie and Fitch. This new film project The Fashion of Modelling, was inspired by Eoin’s younger sister and her friends. …

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Watch the hour long documentary directed by Eoin C Macken and produced by Carl Shaaban

More pictures of the screening in our gallery.

Eoin and Emmett Scanlan in Savage

Eoin Macken with Emmett Scanlan who both play changing room guys in a scene from Savage, An exploration of masculinity and violence. A story of obsession and revenge, as a man tries to come to terms with a brutal, random attack and its consequences:

Broken by Eg White

Francis Anthony “Eg” White (born 22 November 1966) is a British musician, songwriter and producer. White is primarily known for his work with successful commercial pop acts such as Adele, Florence and the Machine, Tom Odell, Sam Smith, Will Young, James Morrison, Pink, Maverick Sabre and Rebecca Ferguson. Here’s Eoin in his music video ‘Broken’.

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