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Eoin Macken’s Birthday Project 2016

Yes! We’re doing it AGAIN … and yes, I say WE. This year I got 2 lovely ladies by the name of Helen (@ConinaUK) and Suzan (@Cherryoak) helping me out.

We will be raising money for 2 charities. It was hard to choose! Knowing Eoin’s fans we’re confidant your kindness and big heart will make it possible to raise a huge amount for both! Our first one is Sightsavers, same as last year. Why? Because over the past year I’ve kept reading up on it and I just found out it also has a special place in Helen’s heart.

I wanted the funding page up and running, but unfortunately we ran into some last minute difficulties which we’re working on now. We want to use a funding page that doesn’t take much of a fee so that most of your donation goes to the charity. We will let you know when it’s ready.

Keep checking our website page, follow us on Twitter and/or FB for updates. I promise it’ll be worth it! We’ll make it fun for everyone involved.

‪#‎EoinMackenBirthdayProject2016 kicking off! Hopefully you’ll join us. 

PS: in case you were wondering how it went last year, have a look.