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Eoin Macken panel at Salt Lake Comic Con

Eoin attended Salt Lake Comic Con in September 2017. Here’s his introduction to the public and Q and A. Bit of a special moment for me as my friend and I travelled all the way from Europe to America plus after all those years of attending cons, I actually got up and asked my first question. Thank you to the girl next to me who apparently found it to be a very good one. Enjoy!

Eoin Macken at New York Comic Con 2016


It’s nearly that time again for New York Comic Con!

And yes, Eoin Macken will be appearing next to Milla Jovovich, Alli Larter and William Levi who will all be attending a panel for Resident Evil The Final Chapter which will be released in January next year.

When? October 07, 2016, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

There will also be a live Facebook Q & A with the Resident Evil cast.


Plus catch the Resident Evil cast on Twitch!


New York Comic Con Trailer 

Check out the NYCC website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Night ItaCon2.0 write up first Merlin Panel

No idea if they will load it up on their website. Meanwhile here’s a write up as we weren’t allowed to film (I think) … as English was much to non-existant!  I already speak three languages, don’t need Italian. Little tip for upcoming cons since attendees don’t have a PA …

The panel started off with Eoin pointing out he and Tom were no longer friends because his team lost playing charades at the meet and greet.

Q: Do you feel Gwaine should have known about Merlin’s magic?
A: Yeah! I was really angry about that and Colin as well! We talked to the producers about it during season 4 and at the beginning of season 5. They decided not to let Gwaine know. We were both perplex as it made sense to both of us.

Q: Which actor would you like to play next to?
A: Eoin: I’d like to see Tom play next to Bill Nighy (from Love Actually). Can you imagine Bill and Tom in the same scene? Tom: Arnold Schwarzenegger! (loved his accent when he said it) Eoin askes why? It would make me look better …

Q: Funny scene on set?
A: Topless scenes season 5. Eoin: we read the script and I said to Tom, ‘we are STILL wearing no clothes’. Apart from us and a few extra’s everyone was wearing clothes. Then they started spraying us! Tom: I remember the first time they did it and I asked the make-up girl ‘Are you greasing me up???’. Apparently it looks good in the light. Tom: funny thing about it was that after that scene on twitter people were mentionning ‘I liked the scene where Gwaine and Percival slept together …’. Eoin: I don’t think I read that. Tom: I looked for it.

Q: Do you read fan fiction?
A: Tom: we know about it. They have like ‘shipping’, right? Oh, I know who were are … Eoin and Tom together ‘Perwaine’. Then they start whispering to each other and laughing and Eoin says: we think Perwaine would be a weird knight. Like someone nobody wants to talk to and rides on donkey or something …

Q for Eoin: do you have any plans directing in the near future?
A: I have a couple of projects, but I want to get COLD released first. Get it to a few festival and get it released in cinema. Probably won’t be directing till next year, although I was thinking to make a film with Adetomiwa in August. Maybe, we’re talking about it … I also want to make a film with myself, Tom and Emmett Scanlan. Note from myself  ‘No, really? Soooo looking forward to that one!’

Q for Tom: Will Billy Bones return in the second season of Black Sails?
A: Don’t want to reveal anything for the people who haven’t seen it yet. It’s not about IF he is or WHERE he is. Does that make sense to the people who have seen it? I can’t say for sure …. but …. yes.

Q: How was it to be on Doctor Who? And congratulations on your wedding.
A: It was amazing. It was Matt’s first episode and me making a guest appearance it was our first experience on set. It’s a huge show. And thank you very much, it was a great day. Eoin: it was a very beautiful day. I don’t like weddings, they’re really boring. Tom’s wedding was a lot of fun. We sang really weird songs in the church.

Q for Eoin: what did you do to prepare yourself for The Night Shift?
A: I read a lot of books, we spent a couple of weeks with doctors learning how to suture, … but mainly we had two doctors on set every day who explained to us what we had to do. Tom: were the doctors working doctors? Eoin: yes, they took three months off for the show. Tom: so he was like ‘on call’ to your show. Eoin: wel yes! It’s a very importend show!

Q: Are you happy with the ending of Merlin?
A: Eoin: Gwaine should have found out about Merlin’s magic. He kinda does know but only realises in the last episode and Merlin hasn’t told him. The thing is that everyone has a different idea of an ending. You can have 50 different endings. For me, I feel Gwain shouldn’t have been bitten by a snake that’s a bit crap. T: I was standing all day, wasn’t too happy about that. You always feel for your character and you want to push it further. Being on set was like being in a family environment. But also it felt like the right time to end the show, for the actors to move on and do other things. Although we were very sad it ended.

Q: How long did it take for you to learn the sword fighting.
A: Eoin: For Tom a loooong time. Tom: Yeah. On Merlin you have very little time to learn. You have to pick it up quit quick. Eoin: They didn’t give us much time to practice which also made it a little dangerous and kinda made it more fun but equally also very difficult because they didn’t give two or three days to learn but just do it. Tom: ironically nobody got injured very often.

Q: What your most favourite part you played so for? To Eoin, what was the most difficult thing you had to do on The Night Shift? A: Eoin: Gwaine because it was so much fun. He was a really fun character. I really enjoyed playing him. And because I liked the other actors who made it fun. With The Night Shift there was an episode where we had to repel from a helicopter. You have to do it yourself. If you don’t do it properly, you’re gonna fall. It was in the middle of the night, you’re tired and you didn’t get time to practice it. Tom: The character in COLD because of how different and challenging it was. Q: Do you prefer playing a knight or a doctor. A: Eoin: I don’t know as they are very different. As a doctor you get to ride a motorbike, do all kinds of fun stuff. It’s kinda pysically easier. Gwain was more energetic, more relaxed. I miss the sword fighting and the horse riding. TC is intellectually more challenging, more stressfull, more emotional, …