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The Green Rabbit And The Ice Cream Girl – screenings and more

“A man is stumbling through the desert, in only underwear, lost and confused. A car pulls alongside, driven by a beautiful young girl who knows his name. His name is Gerry and it’s tattooed on his forehead. Her name is Eilis, from a pendant around her neck. With nowhere else to go, he gets into the car and begins a surreal journey to answer the reasons he’s there at all.” – Source IMDB

Written and directed by Eoin C Macken, starring Ryan Simpkins, Emmett J Scanlan and Ryan Potesta. The 18 Min short was filmed in the Nevada desert in August 2015.

Check out our gallery for more behind the scenes pictures, the screening and Q & A.

The Green Rabbit And The Ice Cream Girl will have it’s first festival screening at Irish Screen America Los Angeles, Irish Shorts Showcase: Featuring shorts from Irish filmmakers working in the US including Jason O’Meara, Eoin Macken, and Alex McGuinness and will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.
Second screening is lined up in New York, also by Irish Screen Cinema.
When: October 2nd
Where: NYU’s Cantor Film Center, 36 East 8th Street, New York NY 10003
Tickets: order here

Have a look at the Irish Screen America trailer:

Actor mates Emmett Scanlan and Eoin Macken hit the desert

Source The Irish Mail

“Best friends actors Eoin Macken and Emmett Scanlan have teamed up to star in a new production together. The pair are currently filming a short movie, The Green Rabbit and The Ice Cream Girl, in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Trinity graduate Macken shot to stardom Stateside after he landed a role in hospital drama The Night Shift. He has just finished filming horror film The Forest alongside Tudors star Natalie Dormer.

Dublin actor Scanlan has finished a successful run in NBC drama A.D.: The Bible Continues. He is set to marry his actress girlfriend, former Hollyoaks co-star Claire Cooper, in New York on New Year’s Eve. His best friend Macken (32) will be by his side for the big day in December.

Raised in Dublin’s Clontarf, Scanlan is best known for his work in The Fall with Jamie Dornan. Yesterday he tweeted: ‘Deep in the blistering American desert, wearing nothing but boxer shorts and boots, accompanied by the wonderful wee actress Ryan Simpkins on set of #TheGreenRabbitAndTheIceCreamGirl. In any other industry I’d be locked up…’”

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Check out our gallery for more behind the scenes pictures thanks to cast and crew.


Five Irish lads on a stag in Las Vegas

Emmett is getting married. Eoin in charge of organising the stag. Five Irish lads in Las Vegas … Emmett Scanlan, Eoin Macken, Kevin J Ryan, Patrick Moynan and Rian Sheehy Kelly.

Have to say it’s a real joy seeing all these pictures popping up on social media. Here are a few I found. As for all the other adventures: what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas …

More pictures in our gallery.


Once Upon A Time In Dublin (3 crosses) – Trailer

UOATID2“The violent story of Jay and Jonnie Linski, two Polish-Irish brothers who try to come to terms with the brutal murder of their youngest sibling, Danny. The story follows the terrible hallucinatory visions that haunt bare-knuckle fighter Jonnie, as he battles with his own demons and a personal investigation into those responsible for the killing. As all his close relationships begin to crumble about him, he plunges head-long into a violent chain of events that will leave murder and mayhem following closely on his heels. Set in what could be any European City (and none specifically). Told through the emotional pain of the characters closest to the murdered Danny and the sometimes violent events that follow on from the actions of these same tortured few.” Written by Jonathan Figgis

Actors and crew – IMDB

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The Inside – more from the actors

A group of girls are terrorized by violent vagrants before succumbing to a horrific supernatural evil 

You’ve seen him as Sir Gwaine in the BBC’s TV series Merlin, now Eoin Macken steps behind the camera to direct THE INSIDE, featuring Czech starlet Tereza Srbova (Sirens, Eastern Promises) alongside Emmett Scanlan (Hollyoaks, Charlie Casanova), Sean Stewart (Occi, Coward), Natalia Kostrzewa (The Clinic) & Brian Fortune (Game of Thrones).

IMDB page

Interview with Eoin Macken (RCN TV)
Interview with Eoin Macken (Flicks And The City)
Interview with Eoin Macken and Brian Fortune (Frightfest2012, James Marsh)
Interview with Brian Fortune (RCN TV)
Interview with Brian Fortune (Flicks And The City)
Interview with Kellie Blaise (RCN TV)
Interview with Kellie Blaise (Flicks And The City)
The Making Of The Inside  

Eoin’s blog on The Inside
‘Disturbing’ interview with Eoin Macken
IAMA with Eoin Macken

Take a look at our gallery too.

Eoin and Emmett Scanlan in Savage

Eoin Macken with Emmett Scanlan who both play changing room guys in a scene from Savage, An exploration of masculinity and violence. A story of obsession and revenge, as a man tries to come to terms with a brutal, random attack and its consequences: