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Don’t tell Eoin Macken he’s the new doctor McDreamy – The Night Shift

The Irish actor Eoin Macken, 32 years old, plays Dr. T.C. Callahan. We met the actor at the Festival of Television of Monte-Carlo, in June. Eoin Macken talks about his character and this new medical series, which also relates to the military. Be aware, do not tell him he’s the new doctor McDreamy (Grey’s Anatomy) .. on the other hand, any resemblance with Vincent Cassel is not fortuitous.

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Sérierama’s gold palm of the (sweet) cracker fantasies: Eoin Macken (The Nightshift)

Lovely little write up of an interview with Eoin at Monte-Carlo Festival de Télévision.

Read the article in French.

“The Irish actor is a rare member of “the close chair school” which is consist to place the interviewer close to him for more conviviality. Which is much better than “The disinfection of hands between every interview school”. So the man is nice, charming and he is not afraid of saying that he has never seen either Emergency Room or Grey’s anatomy — Which is very brave for The Hero of a medical tv show — and he delights of the small stroll that he was able to make in Paris the last time that he came to listen to Roots there. Cool, cool, cool looks like another.

Everything goes when he swears, according to him, hospital is the worst place for having a sex affair (don’t ask me how the interview arrived there): “I feel that we would catch a disease fast. It’s full of bacteria and viruses. That seems a bad idea to me, no?”

So if Macken was a writer of a medical tv show, his doctors (males and females) wouldn’t have a sex affair during their guards.
The end of a fantasy …”

Translated by the lovely Christelle Bordes, also known as @LillyMax64 on twitter. Thank you Christelle!

Eoin Macken at Monte-Carlo


Blog on meeting and chatting to Eoin Macken at Monte-Carlo

Day 4 at the festival:

“I see Eoin Macken arriving. I tell him I recognise him from The Night Shift. We talk for about 15 minutes. The actor loves France. A member of his family is married to a French guy so he knows Paris well. He speaks a little French as he studied the language for a while but then didn’t have time to anymore. A little kiss and he heads off to the bar.”

Read the whole article here.

Day 5 at the festival:




Eoin Macken at Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo 2015

Eoin attended the festival to represent The Nightshift.

Check out our gallery – appearances, Festival de TV Monte-Carlo – to see what he’s been up to.

Here’s a little something to wetten up your appetite, Eoin at arrival day, photo call and the closing ceremony wearing a Tommy Hilfiger suit which were, as he stated on Twitter, was given to him to wear during the festival.