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“There’s a lot of violence and death in it” – Eoin Macken about Nightflyers

Macken was drawn to the Nightflyers script for this reason, as felt like a move away from poppy sci-fi towards proper, old school science fiction. “It’s a bit more realistic. Well, the ideas are totally crazy and it’s a bit bananas, and it’s a bit weird, but I kind of like that. I like the weirdness of it, and I like the fact that the characters are pushed into really dark places where you’re not sure who’s going to break or who’s going to survive.”

“I love science fiction just because of the scope of what it can be,” he tells us in a plush Soho hotel room. “I used to read a lot of Isaac Asimov and Philip Dick and Inland Empire’s one of the earlier books I read!”

You’re working on an adaptation of Rob Doyle’s book Here Are The Young Men at the moment, which you’ve almost finished. How exciting is that?

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An Interview with Eoin Macken

How did you move from model to actor to writer/director/producer?  Do you prefer being in front or behind the lens?

I have no idea. I just did things, and over time other things seemed to happen, or projects intertwined. I have always just tried to make films, and my opinion has always been that to understand film and cinema I have to learn as much as possible about as many elements as possible. I created a lot of my own work early on – films that allowed me to explore my acting abilities. I want to be involved in telling stories and I love the art form and the possibilities of film. When I was younger I would write constantly and draw stories, so it’s an evolution of being a child I guess.

When do you find time to write screenplays and what inspires you? Does a degree in psychology aid in the development of your characters?

I write constantly. On set, on the train, sometimes out walking or having drinks with buddies in a bar I get ideas, or a conversation or comment sparks something and so I write it down. I’ve been known to leave a conversation for a few minutes to write down something that occurred in my head triggered by something somebody said or that I saw. I am always thinking about characters and situations and how people would react. I think I always had that interest, which is what drew me to psychology initially.

Any new independent projects in the pipeline?

I have a new book coming out later this year, Hunter and the Grape, which I think is quite beautiful, and I adapted a book that is being produced by Richard Bolger, called Here Are The Young Men, which is a very powerful, gritty Irish coming-of-age film in the veins of Trainspotting or This Is England. We are in development with the Irish Film Board on it and I’m hopeful that we get to make that later this year.

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Five Knight Films currently developing Eoin Macken helmed ‘Here Are The Young Men’

Five Knight Films are currently developing the feature film ‘Here Are The Young Men’ with Eoin Macken slated to direct.
The film was written by Macken and Rob Doyle and is based on Doyle’s acclaimed novel of the same name. It is about teenagers Matthew, Rez, Jen and Kearney who, facing the void of their post-school lives, spend their first summer of freedom in a savage apprenticeship on the streets of Dublin. Roaming aimlessly through the city, fuelled by drugs and dark fantasies, the teenagers spiral into self-destruction, fleeing a reality they despise.
Macken and Doyle have been writing the film together since they met at the Irish Book Awards ceremony where both of their novels where up for the same award at the end of 2014 in the Newcomer of the Year category.

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