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The Green Rabbit And The Ice Cream Girl – LA screening and Q & A

“A man is stumbling through the desert, in only underwear, lost and confused. A car pulls alongside, driven by a beautiful young girl who knows his name. His name is Gerry and it’s tattooed on his forehead. Her name is Eilis, from a pendant around her neck. With nowhere else to go, he gets into the car and begins a surreal journey to answer the reasons he’s there at all.” – Source IMDB

Written and directed by Eoin C Macken, starring Ryan Simpkins, Emmett J Scanlan and Ryan Potesta. The 18 Min short was filmed in the Nevada desert in August 2015.

The Green Rabbit And The Ice Cream Girl had it’s first festival screening at Irish Screen America Los Angeles, followed by a Q&A with the man himself. Find more pictures in our gallery, which also takes you behind the scenes.

Eoin Macken