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Merlin’s Eoin Macken: “Gwaine isn’t dead”

We’re talking to Macken while he is promoting Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, and our conversation turns to the BBC drama, something that he remembers very fondly. “Merlin has been a big part of my life the last few years. I owe a lot to the fans, they are really, genuinely, an awesome group of people.”

While we were talking, Macken recounts his version of events after the action leave Sir Gwaine, supposedly perished. “I actually don’t think he died.” He tells us, “I think it’s more Percival had to go and do this thing and Gwaine was just unconscious, he would have woken up and everything was fine. I mean, obviously, he didn’t appear in the court after that so in my opinion he woke up with no memory and went on his travels again. He woke up with this really sore head and went ‘I have a hangover’ and has forgotten the last four years of being a knight or some bullshit then woke up and went for a drink.”

It doesn’t take long for Macken to get excited about the idea, and when the subject of returning to Merlin is raised (should that ‘six series and a movie’ rumour ever actually come to light… we live on in hope). “Sorry, we should actually make a short film of that!” he exclaims, cutting off the question of whether or not he would come back. “I’d do that! Gwaine just rocking up to a bar and has no recollection… thinks it’s all a big dream.”

“Do you know what,” he teases, “I have a bit of free time in February and March I might just have to go and shoot that. That actually could be a lot of fun.” It’s difficult not to get excited about the prospect, and it’s not just us who seem to be. “You’ve kind of given me an idea now. I’m kind of interested in doing that. You shouldn’t have done that to me just before Christmas.”

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Merlin to A&E: Meet the star of The Night Shift Eoin Macken

Eoin Macken is best known to UK TV fans for his role as Sir Gwaine in the hit BBC cult series Merlin.

He’s now switched sword swishing and wizardry for the drama and tension of hospital wards, playing the irascible but brilliant Dr TC Callaghan.

Why do people love medical dramas so much? Usually people run a mile from hospitals.

The Night Shift

You’re right. The last place you normally want to be is a hospital! But there is so much drama in a hospital and there is so much pathos, it draws you in. Also, everyone has been in a hospital at some point, so it has that hook. I also think our show brings some dark comedy which makes it stand out from other medical dramas.

Merlin still has a huge passionate fanbase even though the show has ended. How special is that show to you.

The Merlin fans have been so good to me and I hope I’ve been good back to them. They are really loyal and a great set of people. I really mean that. They helped support an indie film I was making and have really supported me. Some of these guys are incredibly talented in their own rights and they all adored this show and in many ways they became bigger than the show. Suddenly it was more than an hour on TV, there was a whole community.

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What’s the Merlin cast been up to?

Lovely article on what the cast has been doing after Merlin.

Here’s the Eoin piece:

“Eoin is starring in The Night Shift on NBC in the US, with the show recently granted for third series. He is cast as an adrenalin junkie, former Army medic named TC Callaghan who returns from Afganistan to work the night shift at a San Antonio hospital.

He too has been working in film with The Wedding Invitation due for release this year, as well as The Forest, which also stars Natalie Dormer, due in January 2016.

If that isn’t enough, he has also released a novel Kingdom of Scars.”

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Irish Highs – Eoin Macken is far more than just a pretty face.

Being named the face of an Abercrombie & Fitch campaign could be the height of a career.

But for Eoin Macken, that 2003 credit is just one of many.

The Irish actor — whose given name is pronounced Owen — plays the volatile Dr. TC Callahan on NBC’s The Night Shift, the hospital drama that just wrapped its second season. He also turned heads this spring as Herod Antipas, the ruler of Galilee during the time of Jesus, in National Geographic Channel’s Killing Jesus.

“I wanted to do it because he’s a dark character,” Macken says of the role as the Roman leader. “It’s interesting playing the human side of this person who had pressure from the Romans, his wife and the areas he was governing while trying to keep a grasp on power.”

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Eoin Macken
Eoin Macken